About cattery
      Pati-Marro has been established in 1996. From this time my home became home for Persians. The first cat I had was a black male and tortie bicolor female. She spent with us fifteen wonderful years.... These two were the beginning for my love for cats.

      I am a member of Cat Club Feliks which is part of Felis Polonia that is a member of FIFe.
Cattery name is registered with the CFA.

      My favourite Persians are colourpoints. Admittedly, it is an extremely 'difficult' colour but this is exactly why I find it interesting and challenging at the same time. Breeding gives me a lot of pleasure and excitement. Waiting for kittens, looking after them when they grow up, and eventually when they leave my home and spread joy in somebody else's. I pay particular attention to match my kittens parents well so that they give kittens which would carry out my breeding standards. My cats have short, strong bodies, beautiful heads and perfect fur. They are loved and adored. I can notimagine myself not being surrounded by them.

PKD DNA, FeLV, FIP tested cattery.

      Marzena Mitrut

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Marzena Mitrut
Poland - Lublin
0048 505 686 985

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